FAR HILLS – The 98th annual Far Hills Race Meeting is ten days away and the track staff are hard at work preparing.

For the first time in the Far Hills Race Meeting History, people will be allowed to place bets on horses.

“We’re trying to grow the sport. Steeple chasing is a very, very exciting sport,” says Guy Torsilieri, Chairman of the Far Hills Race Meeting.

Chairman Torsilieri says there will be 64 tellers in 15 locations across the park where people can place bets. He believes it will add excitement to this year’s event on Oct. 20.

“Horse racing is special, the camaraderie, people love to come here and see people they haven’t seen…There’s a variety of things here to have a great day,” says Torsilieri.

With all the excitement, there’s also a specially catered dish available to attendees of the race. Chef Paul Resko with Frungillo Caterers has created a special recipe for people who purchased tickets in the Chairman’s Pavilion.

“We’ll be featuring our Far Hills steeple chase sliders which will consist of a braised pork belly, a kimchi slaw on a potato bun with a cilantro lime aioli. To me, pork belly is something that reminds me of an event where you’re outside in a country setting. I thought that would be a perfect recipe for this event,” says Resko.

Tickets for the event are available on the Far Hills Race Meeting website.