BRENTWOOD – PSEG Long Island will be using drones to survey and assess possible outages in hard to reach areas. The new technology will deploy in its storm and emergency response efforts.

“We believe this is a very valuable tool to help us get the power back on quicker after an event, whether it’s a storm or any type of outage,” says Patrick Dempsey of PSEG Long Island.

The power company hopes the drones, equipped with extra sensitive sensors, will create a more reliable system for customers by providing valuable camera footage. It will make seeing sagging power lines and downed trees much simpler and will map the entire power infrastructure with ease.

“So we’re getting things that we maybe haven’t seen before and in a different way. We can keep that data and archive it,” says Chris Maier, the Lead Pilot of ULC Robotics.

Drone technology is advancing quickly and is equipped with advanced sensors to see objects and features that aren’t visible from the ground. They’re also safer, more cost and energy efficient, along with quicker than using helicopters.

PSEG Long Island hopes to have the drones operating in time for the next big storm.